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Create Stats Configuration

To create stats configuration go to the Sports Settings >> Player Stats

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Add columns from Available Column Types. Populate column fields and save settings.

Column Fields

Full Name - Full stats name, is visible in the tooltip

Short Name - Short stats name is used in the column title

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Roster Groups - affected roster groups. List of groups are based on "Sports Settings" >> "Sport Configurator" >> "Roster Groups"

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Prefix, Postfix - (only for simple and calculated types)

Digits after decimal point

Visibility - visible or hidden. Hidden may use in composed or calculated columns. See the example in the Composed column.

Column Types > Simple

Used for general countable data: Goals, Assists, Shots and so on.

Column Types > Time

Used for time data: Time On Ice (TOI) and so on. Required special format: MM:SS

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Column Types > Composed

Used to compose several simple data with separator.

For example, Save-Shots stats. It is based on two simple hidden stats columns. See screenshot below.

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Column Types > Calculated

Special type. Produce calculation on selected columns.

Available calculations: sum, difference, ratio, ratio %.

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For example, "Faceoff Win %" stats.

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Fill Stats on Game edit

After saving stats configuration, you can fill it at game edit page.

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