Allow team captain to approve game data

Version v0.13.0 has the possibility to approve by team captains game data entered by another user (e.g.: referee)

Image 9052

1) Assign the User to enter game data (e.g.: referee)

Go to “Sports Settings” >> “SL+ User Roles” and click on “Assign New User” button.

more info -

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2) Add team captains

Open team for editing and insert the appropriate users.

Image 8926

3) Approve data

After the game will be finished and the referee will enter the data, the team captain will see the option to approve game data (see the screenshot)

Image 8927

4) Monitor approval process

Admin will see the approved status in the game list

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Hi Andrei! I have updated to the latest version, but I can't see that option for team captains. Am I missing something in regards to updating? (version 0.13.1 at the moment). Something with PHP perhaps?