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Custom Game Date formatBy default is used site date format (Settings >> General >> Date Format).
Enter a value to use custom Date format for games.
E.g.: "F j"
Available formats -
Custom Game Time formatBy default is used site time format (Settings >> General >> Time Format).
Enter a value to use custom Time format for games.
E.g.: "H:i"
Available formats -


Team Roster layoutAvailable options: default, grid columns (2-4)


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GRID - 3 colums

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Colorize Team Header block

Add slightly transparent background color for team header block in Game. Used main club color.

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Show player positionShow or hide players positions on the game page. Positions are highlighted in yellow on the screenshot below.

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Player and Staff

Default Player PhotoUsed if a player photo is not set.
E.g.: in the roster.


Show "full screen" link

Show or hide "show in full screen" link in the top right corner.

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