Flexible custom events

Dragos Stefanache 3 years ago in Match 0

Hi Andrei,

I need to have a bit more flexibility when creating a custom event to use in Match Commentary and Timeline. One idea would be to add an option to select the icon to show next to it: this can be either one of the icons available for the existing events, or a custom one the user can upload.

A valid example: In futsal there are two types of penalties, the soccer equivalent (which is from 6m) and the longer one (from 9m) which is granted to a team if a number of sanctions is given to the opposing team. Something similar exists in handball. To achieve this, I want to generate a new event and would like to be able to select the Goal/Ball icon for it.

I though of using the significant event and write the name of the event in the comments area, but I would still need a goal or missed icon for it.