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Visualization of Teams - hide links

nkiterio44 3 years ago in Settings updated by e esperaas 2 years ago 3

HI there,

Is there any way to just having the information of ne team only and the ignore the links to the other team? Teams, games, players and so on?

If not how can I remove the links itseld, meaning only showning the table with no clube link and so on.


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At this moment it is not possible.

But I plan to add such an option soon.

Thanks for your reply. 

This option will be really great and I think you can win more clients because having this when you are developing one site for one team it will be an must have has beside the other games/teams are important the supporter will just want to have info of his own team on the site. :)

Please keep me updated has I am somehow developing the site and I will like to Go Live....


Will this be possible in the near future? I am also making a one club site and it would be great to deactivate all the "empty" links.