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WPML Compatibility

Andrei S. (Developer) 4 years ago in Settings 0

Export csv files

burylu3 1 year ago in Settings updated by GaspareNet 10 months ago 2

Could you add more export options (matches, referee, staff, clubs, ) as .csv files? Thx

Under review

Former Countries - FIFA , confederations members

burylu3 2 years ago in Settings updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 7 months ago 1

Hi Andrei,

Please add non-existent countries that were once members of FIFA or other continental federations, for example

Yugoslavia, Soviet Union, United Arab Republic, South Yemen, North Yemen, South Vietnam, Tanganyika, East Germany, West Germany, Saar, Czechoslovakia


Feature request: Advanced search

Danny 5 months ago in Settings 0

A reeeaally cool thing would be an advanced search, just like you can use it at "Transfermarkt" for example:

Image 8093

Image 8094

Best would be, if we could search for all the basic information, but also the advanced stuff, for example custom fields and also data and statistics, like passes, duels, dribblings etc.

Of course, compared to Transfermarkt we're missing the market value or the contract expiry, but I guess if it's possible to search also for the advanced statistics it would be a great benefit to every football database and something that is not so common on other websites.


custom watermark or small logo on all tables of plugin

Andrei S. (Developer) 3 years ago in Settings updated by mehdashti 3 years ago 2

Custom Field Transfer

Daniel 4 years ago in Settings updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 4 years ago 1

Is it possible to create a custom field? The problem with Transfer is that you have to create a club for each player. For example, if I have 80 transfers that I want to enter, I have to create 80 different clubs for the Player. There should be the possibility to enter a name without having to create a club.

Image 1548

Under review

Trainer in more then one Club

Sebastian J. 5 years ago in Settings updated 5 years ago 3

Since I want to use the script to manage an online league I have the challenge at the moment that a coach can only be assigned to one team.

It would be nice if this could be assigned to more teams.


As an an example:

FIFA League (FUT) in the 1on1 principle in league A.

FIFA league (ProClubs) in the 11on11 principle, here he is also a coach.

Thus, the coach has 2 teams, here it would be nice if he would also be displayed.


Unlimited Custom Fields for Player, Club, Stadium

Andrei S. (Developer) 5 years ago in Settings updated by Sebastian J. 4 years ago 5

translation Events

Kora Goal 4 months ago in Settings updated 4 months ago 1

Please provide the possibility of translation for these cases


Goal Disallowed - offside

Goal Disallowed - Foul
Goal cancelled

Penalty cancelled

-Other cases-

Not on pitch

Unsportsmanlike conduct






Delay of game



Not on pitch, Unsportsmanlike conduct


Abuse of officials

Serious foul



Not on pitch, Fighting



Time wasting

Violent conduct

Persistent fouling


Dangerous play

Professional foul last man

Professional handball

Unallowed field entering

Off the ball foul

Leaving field

Unsporting behaviour

Rescinded Card