Not a bug


Tommy 3 years ago in Player updated 3 years ago 3

For some reason "present club" and "birthplace" are left aligned, while the other player facts are center aligned. That should be fixed so it's all center aligned. Also I believe "nationality" should say the name of the country, not just show the flag. Example here:

Image 3730

Not a bug


It depends on your theme CSS styles.

If you need help with styling, send a link to that page.

Try the code below.

.player__header tr[data-fl-option="club_title"] .options-list__value > .d-flex,
.player__header tr[data-fl-option="place_of_birth"] .options-list__value > .d-flex{
  justify-content: center !important;

That fixed the problem! Thank you so much!