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I'm trying out this wonderful plugin, and so far i'm making a lot of progress in creating a website where our members can view the latest match results, schedules, and standings. And although it looks pretty clean out of the box, i do wish to have a little creativity in setting up a somewhat more personalized design. Especially on the mobile phone, i find the match results a little too big for my tasting.  For example, if a match resulted in 5-3, these numbers are displayed inside a ''box'', which is pretty big compared to the team names. I couldn't find a way to adjust these proportions to my liking. Am i overlooking something or is this just the way it is?

you can create your own shortcode.

you must copy the original php file to 

your_theme/anwp-football-leagues directory, and modify the html code as you need.

for example copy 

wp-content/plugins/football-leagues-by-anwppro/templates/match/match.php ==》


and modify the section in which the goals are printed.


Alfonso Cobo