Improved Players Shortcode

Dragos Stefanache 2 years ago in Player 0

Hi Andrei,

A couple of ideas of improvement:

  1. Now that we have the option to group players with similar goals or assists, can we also have more options to the secondary filtering, like more_penalty or more_games? Currently the sorting is ascending, with the two new options it will be descending.
  2. When a grouping is done, the rank of the next player or group is not consecutive.
    Image 4486
    In your example above, I would expect K. Coman to have a rank of 8 instead of 10.
  3. What would happen if both sorting criteria in a group, are having the same value between the players in that group? For example players 4 and 5 below have both 9 matches and 19 goals. They are not grouped in the picture, but if they were, there would be no control for the order. I will also think of a possible solution.

Image 4488