Full Name field for coach/referee view

burylu3 1 year ago in Settings updated by GaspareNet 1 year ago 3

Please update details view for coaches and referees as the player view. 

When we create player/coach/referee we have different views

Image 6606

Image 6607

Image 6608

And after creating we have default info for coach without "Full Name"

Image 6603

default info for referee without "Full Name"

Image 6604

but default info for player contains standard field "Full Name"

Image 6602

Please add also possibility for batch importing "Full Name" field (for coaches and referees)


It would be nice to have the same fields for everyone.

Serabbe also nice to have instead of full name two fields one for first name and one for last name

Now, I temporary prepared 2 custom fields: "First Names" and "Last Names". Exactly, the same fields for everyone and the same way to import from external database (.xlsx)


It would be better to have the default first and last name fields instead of using the custom fields