improve Live Scores UI

Andrei S. (Developer) 5 years ago in Match updated 5 years ago 18

Planned >> October 2019


- Manage the matches from one tab (only scores without events) without having to open multiple tabs to update the matches.

- Notification sound when a team scores a goal (if possible)

I would like to ask if it is possible to add one more feature. When a team scores, to have a blinking icon (eg a ball) in the corner, indicating which team scored.



The idea is good, but the icon may break the layout.

What about the blinking changed score for one minute?


New version 0.9.5 has been released with a portion of improvements - https://anwppro.userecho.com/knowledge-bases/11/articles/463-v095-2019-11-23

Thank you very much. It's perfect. I'll be working it out soon and I'll give you some impressions.

I also wanted to ask if it is easy to hear a notification sound when a team scores a goal!!


Maybe next time I'll add the sound.


Blicking "changed score" effect for 1 minute. Will be introduced in v0.9.6

Thank you very much. It's perfect!!!


released in v0.9.6