Club Match Comparison

chicky365 1 year ago in Club updated 1 year ago 2

It would be really useful to see a club comparison for matches played against other teams, across multiple seasons.

For example, when going to the Liverpool club page, you could see Liverpools match records against other English clubs, with a summary of total wins/draws and losses for all time. It should also be split by competition so you can see league results and cup results. Over time, this would build up a history of a clubs record against other sides and a total of all their games played - plus it would give an insight for upcoming matches between the two sides.. 



Yes that is what I am looking for. it is a shame that there is not an option to purchase a few of the premium features as standalone items. 

Your plugin is great, but as my website is only for my personal enjoyment, I cannot afford the monthly premium package, as I do not have anyone else to contribute towards the ongoing costs.