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Progress - 50%

One club with several teams

Charlie 4 years ago in Club updated by nick tsiantakis 7 months ago 20


Would it be possible to add several teams to one club?
E.g. one club might have one first squad for men and one for women.

As I understand it, now all matches and players would be collected under Club page, instead of separated.

Do I have to create a separate club for the second team to keep players, statistics etc separated?

Progress - 25%

Team Stats Charts

Andrei S. (Developer) 5 years ago in Club updated by David Stevens 2 years ago 4

head 2 head for teams chosen by the visitor

Radoslav Markov Yovchev 4 years ago in Club 0

Can we have head to head for two teams chosen by the visitor. Like two fields waiting for input, popping up the teams with the letters entered so you can chose easier when there are repeating names. When you enter both teams and compare them you should be able to see statistics - matches played between them, current form, latest games. I saw it here https://www.fctables.com/h2h/ and I think it will be very useful.

Thank you in advance


club or Competition logo change through history

Mehran RM 3 years ago in Club updated by John 4 months ago 1

Inter Milan changed their LOGO last month & this happen to many times in history for other clubs

I want to show previous matches by the LOGO of that date, like playmakerstats.com


Follow a club/team

Edwin Dee 3 years ago in Club 0

Something like this (image below) would be great

Image 3610


Team Name Change Through History

Mehran RM 3 years ago in Club 0

we have some clubs that changed their name through history

For Examle "Docharkhe Savaran" till 1970 and then change the name to "Taj Tehran" till 1979 and then change the name to "Esteghlal Tehran"

I want to show the results before 1979 by the name Taj and after that by the new name Esteghlal


Perpetual table / statistics

Sebastian J. 4 years ago in Club updated by almanacco 4 years ago 4

It would be nice to create a page that shows an eternal statistic.
Means all games of the club etc.
The same for the coaches. How many games have they made, victories, defeats, etc.



Club statistics

almanacco 4 years ago in Club 0
Hi, it's possible, as it happens for player statistics, to have a total ranking of club statistics such as total games played, total goals scored, total conceded goals and so on. and also to be able to have this data also divided for each single competition played by the team?

Club Page Year selection location

chicky365 1 year ago in Club 0


On the club page, the season/year selection dropdown box is situated above the Fixture section. Changing the season does not affect the fixtures, only the previous results shown.

Could this box be moved to be above the Results section, as it only relates to this section?

Under review

Team Roster - Importing data

burylu3 2 years ago in Club updated 2 years ago 3

Please add the possibility importing "team roster" for clubs in all seasons and competitions.