Feature request: Detailed player data (shots, passes etc.) on Player Page

Danny 6 months ago in Player 0
One more feature request from my side:

Right now you can only add the 'basic' player statistics to a player page (appearances, goals, assists, cards etc.)

Just as you can see in this screenshot for example:

Image 8091

What would be perfect is the option of also adding the player's detailed statistics over a whole season.

At the moment you can export such statistics on the page for a single match, just like here:

Image 8092

It would be perfect if these extended stats could also be added to the player's page, just like it's possible with the 'basic' stats.

Also here it'd be ideal if the extended data is available per season, as this makes more sense than over his entire career.

And the addon to this idea:

Widgets to use on the competition pages - for example "Top-10 players regarding shots on goal", "Top-10 dribblers" etc. - and of course "Top ratings" for each season of a league.