Match title generation rules with placeholders

Artur 5 years ago in Match updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 11 months ago 10

Add option to generate match title according to user defined rules with placeholders.

For example:

%team_a% - %team_b% %scores% - %competition% - %kickoff%


Предлагаю сделать "настройку" title в матчах. Например, сейчас тайтл по умолчанию состоит из: (клуб1) (клуб2). 

Было бы здорово, если бы тайтл можно было сконфигурировать на: (клуб1) - (клуб2) (дата матча).

Думаю, что для многих будет актуальна данная функция. 

will be published in the next release


added in v0.10.14 core

the %kickoff% is Y/m/d (2021-01-13) . How can i change it to m/d/y . I already change it to wp setting and anwp settings but nothing

It is not possible at this moment.

Is it possible to change?

Also there is a problem with that that. I use api to import matches and after two days i see i have 4,000 redirections from rankmath plugin with these rules: ex. match/25304https://example.com/match/goztepe-besiktas-2021-05-16/

I don't know what is it rankmath. 

This option "Match title generation rules with placeholders" only changes post slug on post save, and that all. All other functionality is provided by WordPress.

It is the same when you have a regular post, and then change it slug to a new one. And its URL will be changed according to a new slug. 

If you have somewhere old links (in posts, other plugins, or anywhere else), WordPress will redirect it to a new one.