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Display breadcrumbs with Yoast SEO?

tiennam1010 5 years ago in Match updated by Alessandro La Rosa 4 years ago 5


I setting the display in Yoast SEO's breadcrumbs but it didn't work?

Taxonomy is displayed in breadcrumbs for content types

anwp_competition -> League

Thank you.

Under review

Please provide an example of breadcrumbs structure you want.


Breadcrumbs structure

+ Current: Home > Match > Bulgaria vs England

+ I want: Home > Competition > Bulgaria vs England

Did you solve this one ?! I m facing the same issue ?! 

No, I couldn't solve this issue.

I plan to add plugin own breadcrumbs.

Hi, I'd need this kind of feature, so having breadcrumbs like:

Home > Competition > Match

or also:

Home > Team > Player

Has this feature already been implemented, or is there any compatible plugin (like Breadcrumb NavXT) that would allow to implement this behavior?