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More then three custom fields?

Sebastian J. 5 years ago in Club updated 5 years ago 3

Is it possible to create more than three custom fields for the player an the Club?

I need for the club and player each 6 custom fields fields that should be displayed.

Can I get it somehow?

I found the php files I changed and now have 5 fields.
I have the:


club-header.php changed.

The only problem is that it is probably gone at the next update.
Is there also the possibility to insert an option, which makes it possible to do this directly over the Backed?

Under review

Unfortunately, there is no way to add more custom fields without basic PHP knowledge.

And yes, it is a bad practice to change plugin files. They will be overwritten in the next update.

I can create a special UI for unlimited custom fields in the Premium version. Vote this for feature - https://anwppro.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/432-unlimited-custom-fields-for-player-club-stadium

Thank you for taking it to the vote,