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Trainer in more then one Club

Sebastian J. 4 years ago in Settings updated 4 years ago 3

Since I want to use the script to manage an online league I have the challenge at the moment that a coach can only be assigned to one team.

It would be nice if this could be assigned to more teams.


As an an example:

FIFA League (FUT) in the 1on1 principle in league A.

FIFA league (ProClubs) in the 11on11 principle, here he is also a coach.

Thus, the coach has 2 teams, here it would be nice if he would also be displayed.

Under review

Yes, I agree. A trainer may be assigned to several clubs.

Added to my ToDo list.


Great. Thanks.

That sounds good.

I hope that the implementation does not take too long: D

Hello Andrew,

Can you tell me if these wishes are realized, and if so when does this happen?

Since I plan to implement a league with it and would have to opt for a system.

I had ordered the premium script for a month in advance to see if the rest would fit.

Only these two points would be important for my league.