Assist icon for player.

Suprim 5 years ago in Match updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 4 years ago 5

Is it possible to add assist icon next to player who assisted? maybe football shoe icon?


Under review

I think the "football shoe icon" is not obvious. Maybe half a ball or semi-transparent ball.

Maybe you have any more ideas?

I think using balls will make it too many balls. I was thinking maybe on timeline when hovered on a goal icon it shows goal scorer name and in bracket says assisted by this player. for example 

And on lineup maybe shoe icon next to assist player?

And also on scorecard maybe in bracket put assist player name?

Thank you



will be added.

When will this be added?


This task has a low priority and I think in 2-4 weeks I will start working on it.


But I doubt about the icon. Is it really needed?

Such an icon can be a bit confusing for users and can be treated as a goal.