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Алексей Трегубенко 5 years ago in Player updated by Sebastian J. 5 years ago 2

Already asked question, but he gone missing. Example conditions:

1. One team plays in three tournaments (soccer, Futsal and beach soccer). These tournaments have different lineups. 2. For example, a football player plays in three different tournaments (soccer, Futsal, beach soccer) for three different teams.

Problem: 1. In the roster of the team I can not show the composition for the individual tournament.

2. At the football player I can't give the correct statistics of the season.

In one well-known plugin implemented lists of players with subsequent assignment to the club / team. But, unfortunately, also not fully thought out. Nevertheless even so helps out



1) Such functionality is not supported. Try to create 3 different teams.

2) Please, provide more info or create a private ticket

I may have an idea.

Would it be possible to have a main club / main section?

Under this main club then all teams of the club would be subordinated.

In the main club but then all players would be listed. These could then be distributed arbitrarily to the sub-teams.

As an an example:

Main club:

Bayern Munich

Under Teams:

1. Bayern Munich (plays in the Bundesliga)

1. FC Bayern München II (plays in the Reginalliga)

But players are all under Bayern Munich.