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Jose Ramon del Valle 4 years ago in Match updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 4 years ago 7

Hi there,

I am including the files of the games played and when I include a YouTube video, I see that it includes it, but when accessing the game file it does not let me click on it to view the summary.

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How did you include video? There is a special field for video in the Media tab.

I think there is a conflict with another video widget.
Try to disable it and test.


Thanks for the answer, but I have tried to disable all the plugins, except yours, of course, and it still doesn't work.

Any idea what the problem may be?

Did you disable widget with the video?

Sorry, but I don't understand you. I have disabled all the plugins I had except yours and it has not worked. If not what do you mean what should I do?

I understood you, deactivate the widget of the sidebar on the right and perfect !!!!!, thank you very much.