Import players from another website

Sebastian J. 4 years ago in Player updated 4 years ago 4


As you can see from my suggestions, I would like to use the script for a league page.

For the game FIFA.

At the moment I'm copying the players over the page: https://wefut.com/player-database

I first copy this into Excel and then I format it so that I can import it using the script.

Isn't there a way to get this directly into the script via the page?

Since one or the other also has a league, this would be interesting for several users.

There are also other database pages for FIFA.







I have found this but thats in Phyton:


Under review

I will think about this problem. Maybe I'll find any API for this.

P.S.: If you will find more sites, please publish them in this topic.


What about this data - https://www.kaggle.com/stefanoleone992/fifa-20-complete-player-dataset?select=players_20.csv ?

You can open it in Excel (new file >> Data >> From Text/CSV)

Yes, I know this data.

These are only drawn at the beginning and not directly at the beginning for my planed league.

So I would always have to wait for this data.

At the same time, the values ​​of the players change and new ones are added.

If I could pull it myself, that would be better.