v0.11.15 - 2021-02-27

  added    new Player option - "Date of Death"

  added    Referee support for "Hide not used seasons" option in the Seasons Dropdown

  added    Competition selector in widgets

  added    "league_id" argument in "FL Matches" shortcode

  added    new arguments in "Matches" widget: "league_id", "season_id", "exclude_ids", "include_ids", "date_from", "date_to", "days_offset", "days_offset_to"

  added    option to show all referees in Match slim layout

  improved    "FL Matches" widget - "competition_id" argument is now optional

  fixed    assistant link in Game Goals block

  improved    logic of cards calculation in "Referee - Finished games"

New Player option - "Date of Death"

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Competition selector in widgets

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Option to show all referees in Match slim layout

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Be good to have a date of retirement option to go with the date of death


You can create a custom field for the date of retirement or create a club "Retired".


There is also an extra subfeature for this field: 

When the "Date of Death" field is set, the "Age" field is hidden automatically.

About "Competition selector in widgets"

Can we choose more than one competition or only one?


When the field supports several IDs, the selector will allow to select you more than one.

It works in the same way as Player or Club selector in widgets.


Matches, Next Match, Last Match, and Videos widgets support several competition ids.