v0.16.5 - 2024-04-30

  added    option to hide migration notice

Image 9109

v0.16.4 - 2024-04-10

  fixed    Game list footer - show "penalties" scores if extra time is not set

  fixed    updated Twitter icon in Player and Club profile

  fixed    referee saving on Data Import tool

  added    option to show Player's Current Club based on the last game (Customizer >> Football Leagues >> Player & Staff)

option to show Player's Current Club based on the last game

Image 8847

v0.16.3 - 2024-02-20

  fixed    Game Edit admin  - show save button on mobile

  fixed    game status "penalties" if extra time is not set

  fixed    errors in Game >> Missed Penalties 

  fixed    lineup data migration of non-existent games (removed)

  fixed    show multiple player nationalities in the Squad section and in Players shortcode

v0.16.2 - 2024-02-09

  fixed    problem with rendering default player photo on Birthdays
  problem with rendering player's age in the Player Header
  migration process: added possibility to show subtask IDs and skip current subtask ID
  colors in the circle flag of Kazakhstan

v0.16.1 - 2024-02-08

  fixed    migration issues with too long lineups

  fixed    migration problem with too long events list

  fixed    incorrect referee's games rendering on the Referee Page

  fixed    missing temp players in the game lineups

  fixed    date of death incorrectly calculated in some cases

v0.16.0 - 2024-02-07

⚠️ Warning

V0.16.0 has a new database structure. To complete the update, a migration process will be necessary.
Please ensure that you install the update when you have sufficient time to run the migration process.

⚠️ It is strongly advised to take a database backup before initiating the migration process.

⚠️ Some plugin functionality wouldn't work till the end of the migration process.

⚠️ It is recommended to begin the data migration process during less busy hours to minimize disruptions to website visitors. If you have a large database, it may take several hours.

  changed    increased the minimal version to PHP 7.0

  improved    performance improvements

  added    new circle flags - https://github.com/HatScripts/circle-flags

  improved    Data Import tool

  added    tool to export game data in CSV format

Database Optimization

A special migration tool has been introduced in v0.16.0 to guide you through the migration process.

  improved    moved player metadata from "postmeta" to new "player_data" table

  improved    moved games metadata from "postmeta" to "matches" table.

  improved    moved lineups from "postmeta" to the new "lineups" table

Migration Process

Image 8126

Image 8322

Data Import tool

Image 8062

Image 8323

New Circle Flags

Added new circle flags with some former countries (Soviet Union, Yugoslavia)

If you don't like, you can switch back to legacy flags in Customizer >> General >> Flags 

Image 7837

v0.15.2 - 2023-07-30

  fixed    video loading problem in some mobile browsers - #2827 
  problem on creating game with active Rank Math SEO plugin

v0.15.1 - 2023-07-01

  added    new Gutenberg Block:  Competition Header (based on Competition Header shortcode)

  added    new Gutenberg Blocks: Last and Next Game (based on appropriate shortcodes) with new arguments (max logo width, offset, transparent background)

  added    new Gutenberg Block: Game Countdown

  added    new Gutenberg Block: Teams

  fixed    JS errors with JetPack Boost "Concatenate JS" active option.

  fixed    "load more" in Matches shortcode: "days_offset_to" and "days_offset" arguments are ignored

  improved    %kickoff% in "Match title generation rules" will use plugin date format (if set in Settings >> Display >> Custom Match Date format)

New Gutenberg Blocks

Image 7130

Gutenberg Block: Competition Header

Image 7017

Gutenberg Block: Last Game

Image 7106

If you have JS errors with Jetpack Boost installed in Football Leagues v0.15.0, disable "Concatenate JS".

Image 7034

v0.15.0 - 2023-06-13

  fixed    edit Stadium - autocomplete places and addresses

  added    option in Customizer to load stadium map after user approval

  improved    load scripts only on required pages (Plyr)

  improved    JS script to load native YT player

  improved    JavaScript files have been rewritten in order to remove the jQuery dependency

  changed    game kickoff flipped countdown to a simple one (removed old jQuery script)

  added    season dropdown switcher in the Competition header

  added    "load more" argument in Matches shortcode ("limit" argument required  to show the initial number of games)

  added    "load more" button under the "Fixtures" and "Latest Matches" sections on the Club Page

  added    Subteams functionality - #759

New Tutorials

Subteams functionality

Option in Customizer to load Stadium Map after user consent

Image 6745

New simple game kickoff countdown

Image 6761

Season Dropdown switcher in the Competition Header

Image 6847

Load More argument in Matches shortcode

Image 6860

v0.14.15 - 2023-03-12

  fixed    youtube video not visible

  fixed    additional temporary referee name is not displayed

v0.14.14 - 2023-03-10

  improved    Matches shortcode - group by competition order and sorting

  added    support for custom countries ("Settings & Tools" >> "Settings" >> "Custom Fields")

  improved    Standing table - added initial sorting by team name

Custom Countries

Image 6495

v0.14.13 - 2023-02-06

  improved    Widget Birthdays - hide birthdays for the players with a filled date of death (can be changed with a hook)

v0.14.12 - 2023-01-09

  fixed    Data Import tool: problem with temporary players import 

v0.14.11 - 2022-11-06

  fixed    Player: all seasons block - season sorting

v0.14.10 - 2022-10-19

  added    "All Seasons" page in Player profile

  improved    "Stats Totals" blocks for "All Seasons"

  added    option in Customizer to select team Abbreviation or Full name in "Simple" and "Modern" Match List layout

"All Seasons" page in Player profile

Image 5880

Image 5882

"Stats Totals" blocks for "All Seasons"

Image 5883

Option to select team Abbreviation or Full name in "Simple" and "Modern" Match List layout

Image 5922

v0.14.9 - 2022-09-15

  added    new option in Customizer 'Competition Title in Competition Header'

New option in Customizer 'Competition Title in Competition Header'

Image 5829

v0.14.8 - 2022-09-02

  fixed    show Fourth official referee finished games

  fixed    display temporary players in Penalty Shootout

v0.14.7 - 2022-07-30

  fixed    show non-standard Referee's countries (England, Walles, e.t.c.)

v0.14.6 - 2022-06-28

  added    new Game special status - "Match Cancelled"

  fixed    Game Lineups - Captain badge on a temporary player

v0.14.5 - 2022-05-30

  added    Data Import tool - Custom Fields in Club, Referee, Stadium

  added    Data Import tool - Staff import

  improved    thumbnails (player, staff, referee) and logos (club, competition) are available on the site search page

  added    Squad - option to disable Group By Position

  improved    Match Edit: Referee selector in the Match edit page

  added    Match Edit: possibility to add Referee and Coach as text string without creating its profile in the site database

  added    Match Edit: possibility to select a Temporary player as Captain

Possibility to add Referee as text string without creating its profile in the site database

Image 4996

Squad - option to disable Group By Position

Image 4951

v0.14.4 - 2022-04-20

  added    "Additional Referees" and "Fourth official" games on the Referee page

  added    custom color option in Standing Table Colors

  added    possibility to load Initial Standing Table data from another table (useful in some multistage competitions)

Custom color in Standing Table Colors

Image 4810

Load Initial Standing Table data from another table

Image 4815

v0.14.3 - 2022-04-03

  fixed    season selector at the Referee's page

  fixed    rendering non-Latin characters in Game temporary player

  fixed    game temp players mixing after save

  fixed    error conflict with Avada Page Builder

  added    "Customizer" >> "Football Leagues" >> "Match List" >> "Kickoff Section Minimum Width"

  fixed    rendering "default empty logo" when team logo is not set   

  improved    Squad rows block - mobile layout

  added    'Date of Death' field in Staff and Referee

"Kickoff Section Minimum Width"

Image 4711

v0.14.2 - 2022-03-24

  added    option to add a player to a game as a text string without saving into the database - #1555

  added    Data Import tool - Referee ID &  Referee External ID

  added    Data Import Tool - Matches, Goals, Cards, Substitutes, and Lineups import

  improvements    minor fixes

Option to add a player to a game as a text string

Image 4638

Data Import Tool - Matches import

Image 4649

Data Import Tool - Lineups import

Image 4660

v0.14.1 - 2022-03-17

  fixed    Standing table color CSS classes

  fixed    Data Import tool - Clubs 

  added    game Club captain

  added    Game Lineups - minutes in events (Customizer >> FL >> Match >> Minutes in Lineups Events)

  improvements    minor fixes

Game Club captain

Image 4590

Image 4591

Game Lineups - minutes in events

Image 4599

v0.14.0 - 2022-03-16

Most of the CSS rules have been rewritten and almost all template files have been changed.
If you have custom Additional CSS rules, revise them.

Most of the plugin display settings had been moved to the Customizer.

  added    new CSS classes to the most template files

  added    special integration with SiteOrigin CSS for easy customizing

  removed    IE support (CSS styles and some scripts)

  improved    optimized and removed unused CSS styles (main CSS file size is reduced appr. 300%)

  improved    loading scripts (Justified gallery + Featherlight) - only on required pages; - removed OverlayScrollbars

  improved    rewroted all plugin templates (using new classes) + better mobile support

  fixed    Staff photos in Birthday widget/shortcode

  improved    Most of the plugin display settings have been moved to the Customizer

  added    Data Import tool - Club ID & Club External ID in Clubs import

  added    Data Import tool - Stadiums Import

New Tutorials

Customize Football Leagues with SiteOrigin CSS

New Templates

Image 4563

Image 4534

New Customize plugin menu

Image 4554


Image 4555

Image 4556

v0.13.7 - 2022-01-06

  added    possibility to add Manual player's statistics - #1108

  fixed    Next Match widget - show game from today and newer

  fixed    "Players" shortcode - incorrect goals calculation with own goals

New Tutorials

Add Player Statistics Manually

Manual Statistics (Player)

Image 4354

v0.13.6 - 2021-12-17

  fixed    "Players" shortcode - incorrect number of goals and assists when game lineups not set

v0.13.5 - 2021-12-14

  improved    shortcode and widget "Players (scorers & assistants)"

  improved    minor fixes

Shortcode "Players" improvements

- "competition_id" - now supports comma-separated ids

- "club_id" - now supports comma-separated ids

- new argument "penalty_goals" - to show penalty kick goals in brackets

- new argument "games_played" - to show number of games played in separate column

- new argument "group_by_place" - to group players with the same number of goals or assists

- new argument "secondary_sorting" with 2 options: "less_games" and "less_penalty"

Image 4307

v0.13.4 - 2021-12-10

  fixed    rendering Referee list in the Game edit page

v0.13.3 - 2021-12-10

  added    Assistant Referee games at the Referee page

  added    Plugin Caching System - for caching some complex queries and automatic cache invalidating

Plugin Caching System

Caching system works automatically. 

If you have a problem with it or have a small amount of data, you can disable it in "Settings" >> "Service Links".

Image 4279

Assistant Referee games at the Referee page

Image 4062

v0.13.2 - 2021-10-18

  added    Plugin Health page to check some common problems

Plugin Health page

Image 4029

v0.13.1 - 2021-10-08

  added    Data Import - player "Bio" field

  improved    minor improvements

v0.13.0 - 2021-10-04

  added     Game edit page: squad number in the player selector

  improved    minor performance improvements

  added    WebP image support in gallery

Game edit page: squad number in the player selector

Image 3870

v0.12.7 - 2021-08-01

  improved    Game Edit UI (new lineup player selector, updated game events table and selector, special submenu)

  improved    Import Data UI

  added    new fields in Import Data UI >> Player: full_name, national_team, country_of_birth, date_of_death

  fixed    error on loading team squad to edit with fully removed player

  added    Next and Last Match shortcodes (the same as the existing widgets) 

v0.12.6 - 2021-06-19

  improved    Club edit page UI

  added    option to change player current club in Squad

Image 3354

Image 3355

v0.12.5 - 2021-06-07

  improved    Club Squad admin UI

  added    Data Import >> Club: "National Team" option

  added    home_club and away_club arguments in Matches shortcode

Improved Club Squad admin UI

Image 3253

v0.12.4 - 2021-05-21

  added    new Staff and Referee shortcodes

  added    option to count in player statistics Yellow + Yellow/Red as Red card only - (Settings & Tools >> Settings >> General)

Staff Shortcode

Image 3194

Option to count in player statistics Yellow + Yellow/Red as Red card only

Image 3195

Image 3196

v0.12.3 - 2021-04-28

  added    option to override Countries translations

  added    option "How to count in statistics "second yellow > red" card"

  added    new shortcode and widget - Competition List

New Tutorials

Competition List shortcode

Competition List shortcode

Image 3093

Competition List widget

Image 3094

Countries translations

Image 3089

option "How to count in statistics "second yellow > red" card"

Image 3091

v0.12.2 - 2021-04-07

  added    National team option in Club and Player

v0.12.1 - 2021-03-22

  fixed    date picker not working in the Match edit page

v0.12.0 - 2021-03-21

  fixed    Matches shortcode: grouping header text (day and month) is not localized

  added    new socials in Player's and Club's profile: TikTok, VK, LinkedIn

  added    possibility to create new League and Season at the Competition edit page

  improved    process of creating multi-stage Competition (on creating Secondary stage the League, Season, and title is filled automatically from the Main Stage values; is shown a list of previously created stages below) 

Data Import

  added    Player - new field "External ID". Can be used on import to update the existing player.  

  added    CSV export for players

  added    support for dynamic custom fields in "Batch Import" >> "Players" 

  added    new fields in "Batch Import" >> "Players":  "Player ID" and "Player External ID"

Use "Player ID" and "Player External ID" to update existing players. You can found more info about it in the Batch Import page.

CSV export for players

Image 2927

v0.11.15 - 2021-02-27

  added    new Player option - "Date of Death"

  added    Referee support for "Hide not used seasons" option in the Seasons Dropdown

  added    Competition selector in widgets

  added    "league_id" argument in "FL Matches" shortcode

  added    new arguments in "Matches" widget: "league_id", "season_id", "exclude_ids", "include_ids", "date_from", "date_to", "days_offset", "days_offset_to"

  added    option to show all referees in Match slim layout

  improved    "FL Matches" widget - "competition_id" argument is now optional

  fixed    assistant link in Game Goals block

  improved    logic of cards calculation in "Referee - Finished games"

New Player option - "Date of Death"

Image 2862

Competition selector in widgets

Image 2873

Image 2872

Option to show all referees in Match slim layout

Image 2882

Image 2881

v0.11.14 - 2021-01-26

  added    Referee - Finished games and Upcoming games

Referee - Finished games

Image 2674

v0.11.13 - 2021-01-14

  improved    CSS Styles - added prefixes to grid classes to prevent conflicts with some themes

  added    referees block in Match Shortcode

  added    "hide_zero" argument in Players shortcode

  added    possibility to choose Match ID in AnWP Selector (used in Match shortcode and some other places)

  added    Data Import - referees

Possibility to choose Match ID in AnWP Selector

Image 2635

Image 2636

Data Import - Referees

Image 2642

v0.11.12 - 2021-01-07

  added    Initial Standing Table data

Image 2593

v0.11.11 - 2020-12-29

  fixed    Video rendering error in some cases

v0.11.10 - 2020-12-29

  added    YouTube default player. Now you can select which video player to use (see screenshot). #736

  fixed    Shortcodes button in Classic Editor

Video Player Settings - Settings > General

Image 2556

YouTube player behavior:

- Main video will be embed

- Additional videos and video widget will be opened in modal

- when you start a new video, others will be paused

- player uses https://www.youtube-nocookie.com host

v0.11.9 - 2020-12-12

  fixed    some scripts not work in WordPress 5.6 in Firefox 

v0.11.8 - 2020-12-07

  added    new Special Status field in Match edit with 2 options: "Match Postponed" and "Time To Be Defined"

  added    totals row in player stats (if more than one competition)

  added    Club shortcode

  improved    AnWP Selector (used in plugin widgets to select players and clubs)

Special Status field

"Time To Be Defined" - the time of the match will be hidden in all Match cards and layouts

"Match Postponed" - special notice ("Match Postponed") will be added to the Match header (single) and in the bottom line (list)

Image 2375

AnWP Selector

Image 2400

Player Total Stats

Image 2437

v0.11.7 - 2020-10-26

  added    support for several competition IDs in Matches shortcode 

  added    Player ID selector in "FL Player" widget, "Player Card" and "Player Data" shortcodes

  added    new shortcode - "Player Data" > Player Data - shortcode

  fixed    incorrect logic of "days_offset" and "days_offset_to" params in Matches shortcode in some cases 

Player ID selector

Image 2242

Image 2243