v0.13.0.1 - 2021-10-05

  improved    API Import Migrator doesn't work correctly with some new competitions and RapidAPI

Can you re-import? or is that not needed

No. There is no need to update old games.

The new version has only different competition ids, games ids are the same. 

Hi Andrei ,

if i want to import from begin one competition for all sessions what i have i do?

i must erase all games and after i creat new competion with all sessons?

Thanks Nick

Hi Nick,

No, there is no need to remove games.

You should create separate competition for every season and all these seasons


For example

Competition: Serie A 2021-2022; Season: 2021-2022; League: Serie A

Competition: Serie A 2020-2021; Season: 2020-2021; League: Serie A

Competition: Serie A 2019-2020; Season: 2019-2020; League: Serie A