v0.16.6 - Work In Progress

  fixed    Frontend Game Edit - problem with saving game stadium

v0.16.5 - 2024-04-30

  added    API Import: Discover New Games to Create (new tool)

  added    option to restrict editing plugin instances only by administrators

  added    argument in shortcode "Stat :: Players (Single Stat Value)" - "player_name": default/short/full

  fixed    automatic Bracket errors in some situations

New Tutorials

API Import - Discover New Games to Create - (New Tool) - Football Leagues

API Import: Discover New Games to Create

Image 9104

Option to restrict editing plugin instances only by administrators

Image 9107

v0.16.4 - 2024-04-10

  fixed    Bracket - "penalties" scores if extra time is not set
  Transfers shortcode incorrect link in unknown club -  #3175 
  added    new Gutenberg block - Calendar (based on old Classic widget)
  new Gutenberg block - Next Game (based on old Classic widget + some extra arguments)
  new Gutenberg block - Matchweek Slides (based on old Classic widget)
  new Gutenberg block - Calendar Slider (based on Calendar Slider shortcode)
  new Gutenberg block - Games Scoreboard (based on Vertical Matches Scoreboard shortcode)
  new Gutenberg block - Transfers (based on Transfers shortcode)
  team logo in Player >> Stats Totals block
  Layout Builder - option to select a custom layout for National teams and teams by IDs
  Layout Builder - inline CSS option in every block
  Layout Builder - Clone Block button
  Layout Builder - Raw HTML block
  improved    shortcode "Stat :: Players (Single Stat Value)" - changed design and added new arguments
  new Gutenberg block - "Stat::Players (Leaders)" (based on Stat :: Players (Single Stat Value) shortcode)

New arguments in shortcode "Stat :: Players (Single Stat Value)"

  --  "calculation" - with possible values "sum", "min", "max", "avg_game" (average per game) and "avg_90" (average per 90 min)
  --  "competition_id" - now supports several values separated by a comma
  --  "digits" - digits after decimal point. Only applied for average calculation (avg_game, avg_90)
  --  "type" - added options: defenders, midfielders and forwards
  --  "club_logo" - to show/hide club logo
  --  "show_position" - to show/hide player position
  --  "minutes_played" - show/hide number of minutes played
  --  "show_flag" - show/hide nationality flag
  --  "nationality" - filter by country  
  --  "days_offset" and "days_offset_to" - dynamic days filter
  --  "sort" - sorting "asc" or "desc" (default)
  --  "min_games" (number) - filter by the minimum number of games played
  --  "min_minutes" (number) - filter by the minimum number of minutes played
  --  "max_width" (number in px) - maximum block width in pixels 
  --  "one_line" 0 (no) /1 (yes) - try to put all player information in one line (ignoring some fields: position, minutes) 
  --  "matchweeks" - filter by match weeks or rounds
  --  "stadium_id" - filter by Stadium ID
  --  "include_ids" - filter by Game IDs includes (comma separated)
  -   "exclude_ids" - exclude Game IDs (comma separated)

Team logo in Player >> Stats Totals block

Image 8851

Layout Builder - option to select a custom layout for National teams and teams by IDs

Image 8880

Layout Builder - inline CSS option

Image 8881

Layout Builder - Clone Block button

Image 8885

Layout Builder - Raw HTML block

Image 8886

Shortcode "Stat :: Players (Single Stat Value)" - Use cases

Default layout

Image 8887

With "nationality" filter


Image 8888

Average rating per game 

calculation="avg_game" digits="1"

Image 8889

Goalkeepers with fewer goals conceded in 90 minutes with a minimum of 5 games played

stat="goals_conceded" calculation="avg_90" digits="1" type="g" min_games="5" sort="asc"

Image 8890


Image 8891

v0.16.3 - 2024-02-20

  fixed    Frontend Game Edit - fixed size of substitute icon

  fixed    Club page - duplicated transfers

  fixed    game status "penalties" if extra time is not set

  fixed    Calendar Slider - multiple competition IDs support

  fixed    show Trophies metabox on the Club edit page

  fixed    Frontend Edit (Edit Game & Live Edit) - possible JS name conflict with other plugins (e.g.: Essential Addons for Elementor)

v0.16.2 - 2024-02-09

  improved    migration process (show some debug info on errors)

v0.16.1 - 2024-02-08

  fixed    Transfers shortcode layout="player" - custom club_out is not rendering

  fixed    problem with rendering temp players in the game lineups

v0.16.0 - 2024-02-07

⚠️ Warning

V0.16.0 has a new database structure. To complete the update, a migration process will be necessary.
Please ensure that you install the update when you have sufficient time to run the migration process.

⚠️ It is strongly advised to take a database backup before initiating the migration process.

⚠️ Some plugin functionality wouldn't work till the end of the migration process.

⚠️ All "API Import" scheduled tasks will be disabled. Do not activate them till the end of the migration process.

⚠️ It is recommended to begin the data migration process during less busy hours to minimize disruptions to website visitors. If you have a large database, it may take more than several hours.

  changed    increased the minimal version to PHP 7.0

  fixed    "date_from" and "date_to" arguments in the Player Stats Panel shortcode are not working properly

  improved    API Import settings have been moved to a dedicated page  

  fixed    Subteams summary page is not working properly

  improved    automatic user's timezone functionality (logic of kickoff time converting)

  improved    Calendar Slider performance

Database Optimization

The new version will reduce database size by 200-300% and improve performance for most database queries.

A special migration tool has been introduced in v0.16.0 to guide you through the migration process.

  improved    custom player statistics moved into "anwpfl_players" table (from "anwpfl_player_stats" table)

  removed     "anwpfl_player_stats" table (after migration)

  improved    moved prediction from "postmeta" to new "predictions" table (less db size, better performance)

  improved    moved all formations from "postmeta" to new "formations" table (less db size, better performance)

  improved    moved all transfers from "postmeta" to new "transfers" table.

Migration Process

Image 8126

Image 8127

Test Results

1st website (23K - games, 28K players, DB size - 0.9GB)

After migration: DB - 0.45GB, migration process - 4 hours 

2nd website (6K - games, 10K - players, DB size - 304MB)

After migration: DB - 141MB, migration process - 12 minutes

Player Statistics Optimization 

From v0.16.0, custom player statistics are saved in the "players". The creation of appropriate database columns takes place automatically during saving statistics configuration.

Result: less db size, good performance for rendering shortcodes based on custom player statistics.

API Data Import - UI Improvements

New Menu and minor changes in Dashboard UI

Image 8123

API Data Import - new settings page

Old settings will be automatically migrated to a new format during the update.

Image 8124

Image 8125

v0.15.3 - 2023-07-30

  added    new Standing Table Advanced shortcode - info

  fixed    mobile YouTube loading error

  fixed    LIVE manual scores 0:0 on start

  fixed    minor API Import fixes

v0.15.2 - 2023-07-05

  improved    minor CSS fixes
  updated some dependent libraries

v0.15.1 - 2023-07-01

  added    new arguments in "Stats :: Players (Custom)" shortcode: "filter by columns" and "filter by column value (min)"

  added    new layout in "Stats :: Players (Custom)" shortcode: "tabulator" with sorting and filtering

  improved    %kickoff% placeholder in Builder will use plugin date format (if set in Settings >> Display >> Custom Match Date format)

  added    icons to basic statistics in "Stats :: Clubs" shortcode

Tabulator and undocumented "layout_mod" argument

All tabulator tables have a special argument "layout_mod"

The default value is layout_mod="even" (spread all free space on equal sizes between all columns)

Image 7152

layout_mod="auto" (automatic width)

Image 7153

layout_mod="first" (add all free space to the first column)

Image 7154

layout_mod="second" (add all free space to the second column)

Image 7155

v0.15.0 - 2023-06-13

  improved    public JavaScript files have been rewritten in modern JS (removed jQuery dependency, make future maintenance easier)
  DataTables library with Tabulator (all dependent shortcodes have been rewritten)
  added    new animated countdown (instead of the old flipping)
  added    new Block MegaMenu add-on (create simple mega-menu in almost any theme)
  new Custom Sidebars add-on
   Aneto theme is deprecated and no longer maintained (but you can use it as long as you want). Our theme recommendations are Kadence, GeneratePress, Blocksy, or any other classic theme.
  LIVE Matches shortcode
  MatchWeeks Slides (shortcode) - matchweek argument is not working in a hidden tab

New Tutorials:

Kadence WP - Setup from Scratch for Football Website - Part 1
AnWP Block MegaMenu add-on
Kadence WP - Setup from Scratch for Football Website - Part 2

Player Statistics in Tabulator

Image 6791

New animated countdown

Image 6792

New Addons menu

Image 6923

v0.14.18.3 - (Beta) - 2023-04-03

  fixed    rendering Calendar Slider and widget with non-Latin characters in no-data-text after installing v0.14.18.2

v0.14.18.2 - (Beta) - 2023-03-30

  improved    performance improvements

  fixed    bracket manual layout has incorrect order in some cases

v0.14.18.1 - (Beta) - 2023-03-23

  improved    manual LIVE - performance and cache improvements

How to install Beta version

Image 6627

How to Add Full Page Cache on manual LIVE

Image 6628

v0.14.18 - 2023-03-10

  added    Standing - home/away table data

  added    Game Formation - new display options (photo & shirt, rating, game events, nationality) - "Customizer" >> "Football Leagues" >> "Match"

  added    player rating color depends on the value (from red to blue). You can change min/max values in "Customizer" >> "Football Leagues" >> "General"

  fixed    Standing table colors with Conference support

Standing - home/away table data

Image 6502

Game Formation - new display options

Image 6504

v0.14.17 - 2023-02-06

  fixed    Full Page Caching - improved W3 Total Cache support

  fixed    Frontend Edit - game events on save don't update the plugin cache

  fixed    Layout Builder - Stadium season selector not visible

  improved    Import API - minor UI fixes

New Tutorials:


v0.14.16 - 2023-01-09

  improved    API Import - LIVE update logic

  added    Experimental support for the full-page caching (purge cache on API Import - game update)

Image 6334

v0.14.15 - 2022-12-12

  improved    LIVE Import - LIVE scores data are updated by WP Rest API that can be cached on web server level

v0.14.14 - 2022-12-03

  fixed    API Import - Penalty Shootout parsing 

v0.14.13 - 2022-11-29

  fixed    Import API - minor LIVE import improvements 

  improved    Bracket - added "free mode" and kickoff time field

New Tutorials


v0.14.12 - 2022-11-19

  improved    API Import - minor fixes on LIVE import

  added    API Import - added option to force update player photos on squad update 

  added    VAR event

Image 6110

Image 6122

v0.14.11 - 2022-11-06

  fixed    Player: "all seasons" as the default player page doesn't work in some situations

  fixed    Standings shortcode: incorrect sorting by title

  fixed    manual LIVE is not working together with API LIVE Import

  fixed    logic in calculating Standing Table arrows 

Manual LIVE import support together with API LIVE Import

Image 6017

v0.14.10.1 - 2022-10-22

  fixed    API Import - error with 00:00:00 GMT time

  fixed    LIVE block style in slim game layout with competition logo

v0.14.10 - 2022-10-19

  added    automatic user timezone functionality + timezone switcher ( #1530 )

  added    Layout Builder > Player - "Show on Player Position" filter option

  added    new arguments in Calendar Slider shortcode:

    - calendar_size="small" (small or default)

    - competition_title="league" (league name or competition title)

    - centered (1/0) - make active day centered

    - day_width - day width (px)

  added    new argument in Referees Stats shortcode - order

  improved    API Import - LIVE Import: improved performance

New Tutorials

Automatic User's timezone

Automatic user timezone functionality

Image 5909

Image 5910

Layout Builder > Player - "Show on Player Position" filter option

Image 5864

Calendar Slider - calendar_size="small"

Image 5885

v0.14.9 - 2022-09-15

  added    Dynamic SEO - conditional tags

  fixed    empty row in Referees Stats shortcode (games without referee assigned)

  fixed    kickoff game edit in frontend Game edit mode

  added    new dynamic variables in Layout Builder - Match: referee_id and referee_name

  added    new arguments "date_from" and "date_to" in Shortcodes: Stat Players, Stats Players (Custom) & Players Stats

  added    new Player Stats Panel shortcode (improved version of old Player's Stats Panel)

New Tutorials

Player Stats Panel (shortcode)

Player Stats Panel shortcode

Image 5842

Dynamic SEO - conditional tags

Image 5820

v0.14.8 - 2022-09-02

  improved    loading some scripts by request only (DataTables, Flatpickr)

  improved    added optimized Swiper library (twice smaller). If you have a problem with it, disable it in FL+ Customizer

  added    API Import - update stadiums and referees on "Update Kickoff time" action 

  added    API Import - option to reset squad on update (NO - default)

  added    new "plain" layout in shortcode Matches

  added    new Referee Stats shortcode

  added    new Referees Stats shortcode

New Tutorials

Referee Stats

Referees Stats

Referees Stats shortcode

Image 5780

Referee Stats shortcode

Image 5778

Optimized Swiper library

Swiper is used in Calendar Slider, Matches Scoreboard and Matchweek Slides.

Image 5746

API Import - option to reset squad on update (NO - default)

Image 5764

"plain" layout in Shortcode "Matches"

Image 5768

Image 5769

v0.14.7.1 - 2022-07-30

  fixed    rendering SEO title of non-plugin pages in SEO plugins

v0.14.7 - 2022-07-30

  fixed    Transfers shortcode - show team title with a logo

  added    dynamic SEO title and descriptions in Layout Builder

  added    more dynamic variables in Layout Builder

  fixed    API Import: no games to create in some situations (when API League's "from" parameter is not set correctly)

New Tutorials

- https://www.anwp.pro/seo-options-in-layout-builder-title-and-description/

Dynamic SEO title and descriptions in Layout Builder

Image 5670

v0.14.6 - 2022-06-28

  added    API Import - support Cancelled game status on import

  added    API Import - update Team code (abbreviation)

  fixed    API Import - error on creating games on some servers

  added    API Import - (Beta) Automatic Import Wizard for the most popular leagues

Image 5588

Image 5589

v0.14.5 - 2022-05-30

  removed    API Import V2. If you are still using V2, migrate to V3 before updating. 

  added    API Import - Import Coaches

  added    Standing - new Ranking rules: "less yellow cards" and "less red cards"

  fixed    API Import - update game title and slug after Kickoff update 

v0.14.4.1 - 2022-04-20

  fixed    Standing table incorrect rendering on some sites

v0.14.4 - 2022-04-20

  added    Layout Builder - Prediction block in Match Live

  added    API Import - Odds - option to hide selected bookmakers and odds clickable option

  added    possibility to translate LIVE statuses #2007

  added    API Import - translatable Prediction parts

  added    Stats :: Players (Custom) Shortcode - arguments for secondary sorting - sort_column_2 and sort_order_2

  added    ▼ ▲ in the Standing Table - #23 (will be available after next round) To disable - Customize > FL > Standing

Possibility to translate LIVE statuses

Image 4755

API Import - translatable Prediction parts

Image 4756

v0.14.3 - 2022-04-03

  added    API Import V3 - Odds Import

  added    new variable %ref_4_name% in Send Game Report by email

New Tutorials

- Odds Import

Image 4702

v0.14.2 - 2022-03-24

  added    Live Scores support in Matches widget

  improvements    minor improvements and fixes

v0.14.1 - 2022-03-17

  added    game Club captain

  added    Game Lineups - minutes in events (Customizer >> FL >> Match >> Minutes in Lineups Events)

  fixed    automatic suspension error in the last game

  added    API Import - options to disable loading club logos and stadium photos

Image 4613

v0.14.0 - 2022-03-16

  improved    Transfers shortcode - mobile layouts

  fixed    API Import - Update Injuries - disable scheduled task error

  added    API Import - option to disable loading players photos

v0.13.8 - 2022-02-28

  fixed    security fix

v0.13.7 - 2022-01-06

  added    API Import (V3) - Import Injuries (data are available in top leagues only)

  added    new Card Suspension functionality

  added    new shortcode - "Suspension Risk" (based on Card Suspension)

  added    possibility to Automatically Suspend Players (based on Card Suspension)

  improved    performance (Swiper and ECharts scripts are loading only on the pages where needed)

  added    Layout Builder - %home_goals% and %away_goals% dynamic variable in Match 

New Tutorials

Card Suspension

Suspension Risk (shortcode)

new Card Suspension functionality

Image 4355

New shortcode - "Suspension Risk"

Image 4356

v0.13.6 - 2021-12-16

  fixed    API Import V3: problem with importing games in new rounds - #1833

v0.13.5 - 2021-12-14

  improved    minor fixes

v0.13.4 - 2021-12-10

  added    Plugin Caching System - for caching some complex queries and automatic cache invalidating

  improved    API Import (V3) - dashboard scheduled UI

  added    API Import (V3) - option to schedule Update Kickoff Time task (once daily)

  added    API Import (V3) - option to schedule Update Predictions task (once daily)

  added    API Import - option to change (or translate) prediction advice in the Game Edit page

  added    API Import (V3) - option to load team comparison prediction data ( + block in Layout Builder )

  added    API Import (V3) - option to schedule Update Lineups & Formations task before the game (40 min before)

API Import (V3) - dashboard scheduled UI

Image 4118

API Import - option to change (or translate) prediction advice in the Game Edit page

Image 4119

API Import - Team Comparison (Prediction)

- activate "Text Advice + Comparison" in API Settings

- update API prediction data

- add "Match :: Prediction" block in the Layout Builder

Image 4145

Image 4146

Image 4144

API Import (V3) - option to schedule Update Lineups & Formations

Image 4164

v0.13.3 - 2021-10-21

  fixed    API Import (V3): import half-time score

  added    API Import (V3): list of latest log records in Dashboard and "All Leagues" Competition modal

  improved    Charts shortcode: added "league_id" and "limit" last games arguments

API Import (V3) - List of latest log records in Dashboard

Image 4055

v0.13.2 - 2021-10-18

  added    Plugin Health page to check some common problems

  improved    minor API Import V3 improvements

  added    support for several competition IDs in "Matches Horizontal Scoreboard" shortcode

Image 4040

v0.13.1 - 2021-10-08

  fixed    API Import (V3): Standings are not calculated automatically in secondary stages of multistage competitions

  fixed    API Import (V3): dropdown selector in Manual Configuration is not visible on non-English sites

  added    API Import (V3): option to disable SSL certificate verification

  improved    Transfers block is hidden on the National Club page

API Import (V3): option to disable SSL certificate verification

Disable it only if you have a problem.

For example: If you have a Direct subscription and have an error of getting data after 30.09, try to disable this option.

Image 4000

Image 3999

Image 3998

v0.13.0.1 - 2021-10-05

  improved    API Import Migrator doesn't work correctly with some new competitions and RapidAPI

v0.13.0 - 2021-10-04

  added    API Import (v3): new API Import UI which works with api-football.com API V3  

  added    API Import (v3): new Manual Import Configuration creator

  improved    API Import (v3): improved multistage competition management  

  improved    API Import (v3): improved transfers import logic to prevent duplicates

  added    new argument "competition_country" in Calendar Slider shortcode

  improved    Layout Builder: rendering "Matches All" in Multistage Competitions

  improved    Missed Players and Cards shortcode: new argument "show_date", new option "competition" in "club_id", fixed "all_players" when sections is set to "missed"

New Tutorials:

API Import: Import data from "api-football.com" (v3)

API Import Configuration: Round-Robin Competition (like regular national league)

API Import: How to add new games in Multistage Competition (V3)

API Import Configuration: Multistage Competition (like international cup)

How to Migrate from API Import V2 to V3.

Open the API Import page and click on "Run Migrator"

Image 3953


Image 3860

Image 3861

Image 3862

Image 3863

Image 3864

v0.12.8 - 2021-08-01

  improved    Game Formation edit UI

  fixed    Formation order in RTL mode and in Home team in vertical layout

  added    Formation - Custom Color option in Game

  fixed    Send Game Report by email - placeholder %away_cards_yr%

  added    Send Game Report by email - new placeholders (%goals_text_player_club%, %cards_text_player_club%, %cards_text_y_player_club%, %cards_text_yr_player_club%, %cards_text_r_player_club%)

Image 3661

New Formation edit UI

Image 3656

v0.12.7.1 - 2021-07-04

  fixed    error on editing Club Squad and Trophies in some cases

v0.12.7 - 2021-07-02

  added    Layout Builder - additional dynamic variables in Match layout (club, competition, leagues, season names)

  fixed    rendering custom game team stats in PHP 5.6

  added    API Import - Lineup Formations

  added    possibility to send game reports by email

  fixed    minor fixes

New Tutorials 

Send Game Report by Email

API Import - Lineup Formations

Image 3460

Activate it in "FL+ Configurator" >> "Import API"

Image 3461

To display Formations, add Match Formation in the Layout Builder >> Match.

Image 3509

It will affect only new games.

To get Formations for old games, see screenshot below.

Image 3510

v0.12.6 - 2021-06-19

  added    option to create new player transfer in Squad on Club edit page

  improved    club trophies UI

  added    clone action in Layout Builder

  added    More filters in the Transfers admin list

  added    new option "Transfer End Date" in Transfers

  added    API Import - possibility to translate "free" and "loan" in Transfers (Text Options - see screenshot). Will work on new or updated transfers.

Image 3360

Image 3356

New Trophies UI

Image 3361

Clone action in Layout Builder

Image 3363

More filters in the Transfers admin list

Image 3364

API Import - possibility to translate "free" and "loan" in Transfers

Image 3367