v0.13.5 - 2021-12-14

  improved    shortcode and widget "Players (scorers & assistants)"

  improved    minor fixes

Shortcode "Players" improvements

- "competition_id" - now supports comma-separated ids

- "club_id" - now supports comma-separated ids

- new argument "penalty_goals" - to show penalty kick goals in brackets

- new argument "games_played" - to show number of games played in separate column

- new argument "group_by_place" - to group players with the same number of goals or assists

- new argument "secondary_sorting" with 2 options: "less_games" and "less_penalty"

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Супер обновление!! Спасибо!!!! 

Hi Andrei,

This is nice, but wouldn't it make more sense to start after a grouping with the next rank number? In your example, the group is at rank 7, but the next player which is not in the group starts on rank 10 instead of 8.

Let me know what you think.