v0.15.0 - 2023-06-13

  fixed    edit Stadium - autocomplete places and addresses

  added    option in Customizer to load stadium map after user approval

  improved    load scripts only on required pages (Plyr)

  improved    JS script to load native YT player

  improved    JavaScript files have been rewritten in order to remove the jQuery dependency

  changed    game kickoff flipped countdown to a simple one (removed old jQuery script)

  added    season dropdown switcher in the Competition header

  added    "load more" argument in Matches shortcode ("limit" argument required  to show the initial number of games)

  added    "load more" button under the "Fixtures" and "Latest Matches" sections on the Club Page

  added    Subteams functionality - #759

New Tutorials

Subteams functionality

Option in Customizer to load Stadium Map after user consent

Image 6745

New simple game kickoff countdown

Image 6761

Season Dropdown switcher in the Competition Header

Image 6847

Load More argument in Matches shortcode

Image 6860

it would be useful if we could upload and download the roster separately for each season