v0.15.1 - 2023-07-01

  added    new arguments in "Stats :: Players (Custom)" shortcode: "filter by columns" and "filter by column value (min)"

  added    new layout in "Stats :: Players (Custom)" shortcode: "tabulator" with sorting and filtering

  improved    %kickoff% placeholder in Builder will use plugin date format (if set in Settings >> Display >> Custom Match Date format)

  added    icons to basic statistics in "Stats :: Clubs" shortcode

Tabulator and undocumented "layout_mod" argument

All tabulator tables have a special argument "layout_mod"

The default value is layout_mod="even" (spread all free space on equal sizes between all columns)

Image 7152

layout_mod="auto" (automatic width)

Image 7153

layout_mod="first" (add all free space to the first column)

Image 7154

layout_mod="second" (add all free space to the second column)

Image 7155

Hi Andrei,

Could you please add column "total points" to this clubs stats shortcode ?

It will be more informative table as some teams could played less matches but won all of them and their possition in all seassons ranking will be more higher!