v0.10.0 - 2020-01-30

  added    Layout Builder - Staff, Referee, Stadium page options

  added    Layout Builder - Multistage Competition

  added    Layout Builder - "group_n" and "stage_n" options in Competition to render block data of specific group or Competition Stage 

  added    Layout Builder - "margin-top" and "margin-botton" options in blocks

  added    API Import - load predictions

  fixed    Match shortcode - rendering custom player numbers in lineups

  changed    Formation block was splitted from the lineups. Now you have to set it separately in the Layout Builder

  improved    Layout Builder - minor improvements

  improved    API Import - club name will be untouched if exists on "Create or Update Clubs"

  removed    sections for the match, player, and club in "FL+ Configurator" -   use more powerful Layout Builder

  removed    obsolete providers in API-import

  disabled    "FL+ Custom HTML" (use "Layout Builder" > "Global Text" instead)

  !!! action required    

to render match formation you have to put it in the Layout Builder obviously (previously it was joined with lineups)

New Tutorials

Draft Group Number and Stage Number - New Competition Options

New Demo Competitions