v0.10.2 - 2020-02-24

  added    RTL support (remove any previously entered RTL CSS fixes from Customizer >> Additional CSS)

  added    "multistage" option in "Players Stats" shortcode to include stats from all stages - Players Stats Shortcode

  added    Players Stats block in the Layout Builder (Competition & Multistage Competition)

  added    "Import Matches" - home club stadium will be set as a game venue

  added    "Import Matches" - half time scores

  added    new options in Transfers shortcode (date_from, date_to, window, competition_id, player_id) + improvements

  added    new layouts in Transfers shortcode (competition, player, club)

  added    slim layout in Birthdays shortcode

  added    Transfers block in Layout Builder for Player and Competition

  added    grouping by windows in Transfers block in Layout Builder for Club

Updated tutorial

Transfers Shortcode

"multistage" option in "Players Stats" shortcode

Image 1204

Import Matches - half time scores

Image 1211

Transfers shortcode - Competition layout

Image 1216

Slim layout in Birthdays shortcode

Image 1217

Transfers block in Club (Layout Builder) - new default grouping

Image 1219