v0.11.2 - 2020-06-29

  added    action to clone Standing Table options

  added    "show_header" option in Match shortcode. Default is "1" - yes. 

  added    "title" option in the "Competition Header" shortcode. It allows to set custom title.

  added    linked Standings in Competitions admin list  

  added    "show_notes" option in Standing shortcode and widget. Default is "1" - yes.

  added    possibility to show Referee and Stadium in the bottom line of Match List item

  added    Match Edit - possibility edit Game Events

  added    Match Edit - assistants for own goal

  added    Match Edit - Stadium field improvements (autocomplete and default option - home club stadium)

  improved    on Standing Table create now are available only round-robin competitions without linked Standing Tables 

  fixed    Match shortcode can be used for upcoming matches

Clone Standing Table options on create

Image 1699

Image 1701

Standings in Competitions admin list

Image 1716

Bottom Line in Match List

Image 1733

Image 1734

Match Edit - Stadium field improvements

Image 1771