Calendar Slider

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[anwpfl-calendar-slider competition_id="" filter_by_clubs="" group_by_competition="1" show_day_of_week="1" month_text="short" no_data_text="No games on this date" calendar_size="" competition_title=""]

Shortcode Arguments - Filter

  • competition_id – (optional) - Competition ID.
  • filter_by_clubs – (optional) - 
  • group_by_competition – (optional) - 0/1 (no/yes)

Shortcode Arguments - Display

  • show_day_of_week – (optional) - show day of the week (Mon, Tue ...)
  • month_text – (optional) - short or full month name. Default: short
  • competition_country - country/flag/country-flag (since v0.13.0)
  • calendar_size - default or small (since v0.14.10)
  • competition_title - league or competition (since 0.14.10)
  • day_width - day width (px)  (since 0.14.10)
  • centered - (1/0) - make active day centered  (since 0.14.10)

Shortcode Arguments - Text

  • no_data_text – (optional) - text when there are no games



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There is a way to translate the name of days and months?


it will be added in the next release

Can you add the possibility to divide games also by single groups of a competion?

also, could be possible to choose the order in which competions are shown?


Use "Competition Order" (at the Competition edit page) to change default order.

como e onde coloco para ficar a barra dos dias do calendário pequeno?

não consigo colocar a barra em pequeno embora tenha colocado como é dito em cima