Birthdays (shortcode)

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[anwpfl-birthdays club_id="" type="players" days_before="5" days_after="3" group_by_date="0" layout=""]

Shortcode Attributes

  • club_id – (optional) Club IDs, separated by commas
  • type – (optional) "players”, “staff” or "all".
  • days_before - (optional) number of days ahead to show birthdays. Default: “5”
  • days_after- (optional) number of days after to show birthdays. Default: “3”
  • group_by_date - "0" - no, "1" - yes
  • layout - "slim" or "" (empty - default). Since v0.10.2

Slim Layout

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I Have a data base with players, from 1961 till now. Birthday widget is useful for birthday wishes. But some players from that database are dead, Its not right to send wishes to a dead man.
So, how can I hide in the birthday widget those players who have a filled death date in my database?