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[anwpfl-stats-clubs columns="" season_id="" league_id="" competition_id="" multistage="0" date_before="" date_after="" side="" sort_column="" sort_order="desc" club_column="title" header=""]

  • columns – (required) - comma-separated list of stats.

Shortcode Arguments - Filter

  • competition_id – (optional) - Competition ID.
  • multistage – (optional) - 0/1 (no/yes). Set this argument to "1" if you want to include all stages of multistage competition. Works only when "competition_id" is Multistage Competition (Main Stage)
  • season_id – (optional) - Season ID.
  • league_id – (optional) - League ID.
  • date_before - (optional) - format YYYY-MM-DD - Get stats till this date
  • date_after - (optional) - format YYYY-MM-DD - Get stats from this date
  • side - (optional) - 'home', 'away' or empty for all

Shortcode Arguments - Text

  • header – (optional) - header text

Text Strings

You can override text strings in Statistics Configurator ( Settings >> FL+ Statistics ) and in "Settings & Tools" >> "Text Options"

Image 3049

how can i add custom stats on this chart?

Hi Andrei, 

Could you please add column "total points" to this clubs stats shortcode ?

It will be more informative table as some teams could played less matches but won all of them and their possition in all seassons ranking will be more higher!