Standings (shortcode)

Premium Version Only (since v0.11.2)

Show Standing Tables. 4 options available:

  1) competition ID

  2) match ID

  3) season ID

  4) club ID and season ID

For example, if you set a competition ID, all other filter options (match ID, season ID, club ID) will be ignored.

This shortcode can be used in the Layout Builder in Club and Match layout.

[anwpfl-standings competition_id="" match_id="" season_id="" club_id="" show_titles="1" layout="" partial="" bottom_link="" show_notes="1"]

Shortcode Attributes

  • competition_id – (optional) 
  • match_id – (optional)
  • season_id – (optional)
  • club_id – (optional). Will work only with season ID
  • show_titles – 1 (yes) or 0 (no). Show standing table titles.
  • layout – (optional) - ' ' (empty) or 'mini'. Empty (' ') for regular layout or mini - for small (widget) layout.
  • bottom_link – show link in the bottom to: none/competition/standing
  • partial – show partial table data. 2 variants are available:
    • <place_from><minus><place_to> - "1-5" - show teams from 1 to 5 place
    • <clubID> - "32" - show table slice with specified team ID in the middle

Hi, is there a way to use this shortcode outside Layout Builder so I need to put it as I widget may be on the home page, I try it even inside the match layout and it didn't work. is there an update for it or something?

P.S: I know it's not a great idea to use it as a widget when it's working but I'm trying to play around with it to reach my goal



Open Shortcodes >> How To's section. There are the most common use cases.

Image 6310


Best Regards

Andrei S.

Hi Andrei, yeah great thanks my issue was with the id>> I thought it was not for the standing table itself, I was putting Competition id instead mmm...


ypu can insert it in each zone when you can put a shortcode. I have mine imy  main page

Hi Alonso, I can see yours, great thanks for your comment 

Is it possible to include only two teams to the table? For example, on the match page, it would be useful to show the positions of teams in the table.