Match (shortcode)

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[anwpfl-match match_id="" layout="" sections="goals,cards,line_ups,substitutes,stats,missed_penalties,summary"]

Shortcode Attributes

  • match_id – *(required) – match ID
  • club_last * - (Club ID) Last finished match of the club. (since 0.11.6)
  • club_next * - (Club ID) Next upcoming match of the club. (since 0.11.6)
  • layout – (optional) - " " (empty) or "slim". Empty (" ") for full layout or "slim"- for small (match list) layout.
  • sections – Comma-separated list of sections. Available options: “goals”, “cards”, “line_ups”, “substitutes”, “stats”, “missed_penalties”, “summary,penalty_shootout,video,missing”. Some sections are shown only for finished matches.
  • show_header - 0 or 1. Show Match Header

* Only one of these options (match_id, club_last or club_next) is required.

What is "custom-code" in the match shortcode?

For the match_id version my code looks like this, [anwpfl-match match_id="36211" layout="" sections="goals,cards".

How could i get the club_last working?

maybe if you remove the match_id, and add the Club_id in club_last

Would it be possible to show match for a specific day, e.g. "On this day"? 

Example: August 30, on that day all matches are listed that was played that date, historically



But you can use another shortcode Matches. It has such a possibility.

If this is added you will make me very happy.