MatchWeeks Slides (shortcode)

Premium Version Only

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[anwpfl-matchweeks-slides competition_id="" show_club_logos="1" show_match_datetime="1" club_links="1" matchweek="" slides_to_show="4" match_card="slim"]

Shortcode Attributes

  • competition_id – *(required) – competition ID
  • show_club_logos - "0"(hide) or "1"(show)
  • show_match_datetime - "0"(hide) or "1"(show)
  • club_links -  "0"(hide) or "1"(show). Ignored in slim card.
  • matchweek - Current matchweek. Will be focused on it on page load. Set "-1" to use "current matchweek" option from competition.
  • slides_to_show - Number of navigation slides to show
  • match_card - " " (empty for default) or "slim"


Есть ли возможность разделить группы одной лиги в отдельные слайдеры?

Добрый день!

Да, есть недокумментированный параметр "group_id". Можно его использовать.

Работает, спасибо.)


it's not working with me 

here is the code 

[anwpfl-matchweeks-slides competition_id="7517" show_club_logos="1" show_match_datetime="1" club_links="1" matchweek="25" slides_to_show="2" match_card="slim"]

by the way, there are more than 3

may you help me, please? 



I think there is a conflict with any plugin or theme.

Try to disable all other plugins and test. Also, you can try to switch to another theme and test again.

P.S.: Next time please create a support ticket -

Thanks for replay 

you are right 

I deactivated the "  CMB2 plugin" then it is works 

Thank you Mr. Andrei S.

But CMB2 plugin is required. It is used to build admin meta boxes.

Do you have a Settings page?

That is what happened 

after that. I re-activated the plugin, and the problem did not come back 

anyway thank you so much 

Hii download your plugin for football team.i want slider for matches.issend screen its only for premium?