Matches Horizontal Scoreboard (shortcode)

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[anwpfl-matches-scoreboard competition_id="" show_secondary="0" days_offset="" season_id="" type="" limit="20" stadium_id="" filter_by_clubs="" filter_by_matchweeks="" show_match_datetime="1" club_links="1" club_titles="1" today_focus="1" priority="0"]

Shortcode Attributes

  • competition_id – (optional) – competition ID
  • limit – (optional) limit number of matches. 0 for all (not recommended). Default: 20
  • type – (optional) “result” or “fixture” – show finished or future matches. Empty to show all. The default value is " " (empty - all).
  • show_secondary – (optional) 0 or 1. Include matches from secondary stages. Works for multistage competitions only. You should set main stage ID in “competition_id” parameter.
  • days_offset – (optional) set days offset to fetch matches (positive or negative number). For example, “-3” – means: get matches from 3 days ago and newer.
  • season_id – (optional) Season term_id.
  • today_focus – (optional) 0 or 1. Default value is “1”.
  • limit – (optional) limit number of matches. 0 for all (not recommended). Default: 20
  • filter_by_clubs – (optional) Comma-separated list of club ID’s
  • filter_by_matchweeks – (optional) Comma-separated list of  Matchweeks or Round numbers.
  • club_links – “0” or “1”. Default: “1”
  • club_titles – “0” or “1”. Default: “1”
  • show_match_datetime – “0” or “1”. Default: “1”
  • priority – (optional) Show matches with priority equal and higher. Default "0"
  • autoplay – (optional) Enable autoplay: 0 or 1. Default "0"
  • loop – (optional) enable continuous loop mode: 1 or 0. Default "0"


sliding buttons are not function

the taps also appear gray only but not working

where is the problem ?


Please create a support ticket - and provide more info (URL, screenshots).


Such a situation may happen when you have no games to slide (all filtered games are visible) or theme script or style conflict.

thanks for replay 

so what the best them that compatible with this nice addon?

When a season is finished, and before start the new season , maybe is a good option to show thw last 10 matches of the finished season better than do not show any match.

How to create a fixture automatically. or how to create a schedule automatically

Hi, how could we exclude some tournaments from the scoreboard? 


Live score feature not working