Match Shortcode (premium extended options)

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List of additional premium parameters for the "section" attribute:

  • -header¬†- hide default match header (! with a minus)
  • scoreboard¬†- match scoreboard with image background
  • timeline - match timeline section
  • h2h - head to head match before the specified match
  • formation - match formation
  • commentary - match commentary section

Usage examples:

Show only match formation

[anwpfl-match match_id="1600" sections="-header,formation"]

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Show match scoreboard with a timeline

[anwpfl-match match_id="1600" sections="-header,scoreboard,timeline"]

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Can I create a page on the site with the timelines of all the matches of that championship day?

Yes, but you have to create a shortcode for every match and select a timeline section in it.

The timeline code should only generate the timeline with no match and result

It is possible to have a timeline with the result as well

No, you can only hide a header with -header option.

Can I insert width and height in the shortcode to get scoreborad of the size you need?

You can use Custom CSS but it isn't recommended.


Height is automatic and depends on block content.

There is a section that you can add and is called "custom code"... what can I use this for and how to insert custom code? And, custome code can be even shortcodes from other plugins? HTML? JS?

Hi Andrei, 

Is it possible to include match photos in the "sections" parameters, just like we do with videos?

Update: I discovered that just including the "gallery" option in the "section" options. It's just not in the documentation, but it works. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!