Customize Football Leagues with SiteOrigin CSS (+ special mode) WordPress plugin

Special Mode is available since v0.14.0
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1) Install and activate SiteOrigin CSS

1) install SiteOrigin CSS (free)

2) activate Football Leagues Mode (activated by default)

3) click on "start customizing" link

Image 4557

2) Select page or block to customize

Click on "Eye" button to open visual mode.

Image 4558

You can put the URL in the top address bar and click 'Enter'.

Or you can enable link clicking behavior by "Search" button (1) + (2). 

Image 4559

3) Customizing Process

(1) Select any available block on the page (will be highlighted with light-blue).

(2) Click on the recommended CSS class.

(3) Check that the class is selected for customizing.

(4) Apply styles

Image 4560

4) Apply and Save CSS rules

Image 4561

Image 4562

it's nice thank you but please  how to change live score color (orange color)?


Open a page with LIVE games click on scores (1) and select a proper class to change (2)


Best Regards

Andrei S.

Thank you Andrei, i mean this, best regards

You will be able to select these nodes in v0.14.3.

But to apply these rules you should add "!important" in the CSS code manually.


Best Regards

Andrei S.

Salve è possibile fare le modifiche che mostro nell'immagine? Cioè mettere nome cognome e ruolo sulla stessa riga della foto e del numero, togliendo la parte sottostante per visualizzazione mobile giocatori. Grazie