Calendar (widget)

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Widget Options

title - (optional) widget title

competition - (optional) filter by competition or left empty to show matches from all leagues

include matches from secondary stages - (optional) if you set multistage main competition in the previous field, checking this option will display matches from its secondary stages

filter by club ID - (optional) filter by Club

show club logos - (optional)

show match DateTime - (optional)

club links - (optional) 

Whats this shortcode ?

You can use this plugin - to convert widget to shortcode

Ok, thanks! This will work!

is it possible to remove calendar from the list?

doesnt this excist anymore?

Ja, der Kalender funktioniert nicht mehr. Ich habe dieses Widget geliebt.

You can find the calendar in Legacy Widgets.


Best Regards

Andrei S.

I know, but it doesn't work anymore

that's how it is with me. GeneratePress is my theme with Beaver Builder. Otherwise I can create a support ticket.

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Hello Andrei

I was able to reproduce the error.

I use WP Fastest Cache Pro, there the option "Widget cache-reduce the number of SQL queries" must not be activated.

It may also help other users.