Create or Update Clubs - Import API

Premium Version Only
Required: valid subscription at ->
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Go to the "Settings & Tools" >> "FL+ Import API" >> "Create Clubs".

Image 934

Select "Country" and get competitions. Then select competition and get a list of clubs.

Select clubs and click on save or update button.

Image 935

Will be updated or created:
- club title
- country
- founded year
- logo (only if not set previously)
- home stadium (see below).

The home team stadium will be created if there is no stadium with the same name in DB.
Will be created:

- stadium title
- stadium city
- stadium address
- stadium capacity
- stadium surface

I have a problem shown in this plugin, this type of league page show. Please watch the images below.

Football Table.jpg

Looks like you changed a competition group structure after creating games.


Remove old Standing table, empty trash and create a new Stanging table again.

How to remove old standing table and create a new Standing table again? Please help me out this problem.

How could I show my football league fixture only latest not all from first, please guied me.

Sir, I purchased your AnWP.Pro Football plugin, and also purchase an API key, now I have faced some porblem in my wordpress website, the Premier League Standing table shown like this bellow image. I also try to remove old competition and create as a new competition, but I can not delete this. So how can I solve this critical problem? Please help me out from this problem. 


Just remove Standing table and create a new one.


Do not remove competition. If you decided to remove competition, you should remove all its games first (+ empty trash).

Sir, this is my question, how can I remove only the Premier League Standing Table from my wordpress website? Please describe me and guide me.Thank you.

Like a regular WordPress post (see screenshot).

Sir, I remove my previous Standing Table and create a new Standing Table for Premier League, but still it shown same. Now what can I do?? Please help me.

it seem that you create the competition in free Mode without plugin, and with many matches created, you install the pro versión and conect to API. Maybe the api create new teams and add to the competition. 

I think the Best to solve is remove matches, standing and competiton in this order, and then create the new competition, the new standings table, and import the match with the API.

Thank you Sir, it's working. :)

sir, when I create  Competition Configs then showing a problem, that is although I giving the country name in map it showing as an alert Map needed. How can I solved this problem? Please help me out of this.


Please create a support ticket to get help.


Best Regards

Andrei S.

Hello! How i can add a National Team for World Cup 2022 ? 

I don't have a button Create Clubs2022-04-12_08-32-42.png