Activate Front-end edit Mode - User Roles

Premium Version Only

To activate frontend Match edit by different users, go to FL+ Configurator and set "Enable frontend Match edit" to YES.

Image 89

After that "edit" button appears on Match scoreboard.  

Image 90

Frontend edit is available by default to admins and super admin.

I want to know more about this system.

How should frontend editing be done by the Editor?


Is this possible, that editing the games only for the future?
Its for me very important :-)

Club A users are only allowed to edit future games! It would be sufficient to enter the result and the statistics of both TEAMs in the game.

Is this possible


Do you mean to disable the finished game's editing? Maybe any "Lock Edit" switcher which is activated by the admin?

It is possible to associate WP registered users with the player profile?

No, a player is a Custom Post Type in the plugin. It is a different instance.


Provide more details of why you want it and create a Feature Request (Idea). Maybe it will be useful for others customers too.


I would like the site to register many players and clubs and that everyone can change their data.

Your plugin is very nice, but it is designed to have all the data entered by a few users. I follow amateur football where many people enter a few dates each.
Could an external plugin for wp permissions management solve the problem?
Eg to associate a team only to its matches; a player can update the assist number of his profile etc ...