Data Import Tool

You can easily import a list of players or clubs into Football Leagues plugin with the help of Data Import Tool.

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Prepare a list of players or clubs in your favorite spreadsheet software (MS Excel, Google Sheets or any other).

You can skip this step and enter all data at the import tool directly.


  1. Go to the Settings & Tools >> Data Import
  2. Select the appropriate import type
  3. Prepare columns structure
  4. Apply new settings
  5. Input data directly or copy and paste it from your spreadsheet software.
  6. Save data.

Video Tutorial

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I want to upload a match list ,Excel Data (match day,week,place,home & away team's name) using the import tool.

Estamos trabajando en el seguimiento de una liga amateur, el cual consta de 2 fases. La primera es una fase de 20 equipos a una vuelta. Al termino de la jornada 19 se divide en 2 grupos conservando sus estadísticas de la j19. Quiero crear una competencia para esta segunda ronda e importar las estadísticas para continuar con la actualización del torneo, esta fase constante de 9 jornadas.

Ahora existe alguna otra opción para evitar este torneo.


Please create a ticket and provide more info. I didn't understand exactly what is the problem.


If you want to create only a second stage and use points from the first part, set up initial points in the Standing table.

If you want to manually add stats from the first stage, unfortunately, it is not possible. Stats are based on Games.


I want to import national team. Is it the same as the clubs ? What columns I should have ?



Yes, it is the same as the clubs (in the Import tool).


After import mark team as National at the club edit page.

And we should do this mark for every national team ? Is there a way to set up it at all ?

Nation Team - is a new option. It was added in the previous month. 

Soon I'll add it to the Team Import tool. I'll do my best to add it in the next release.

Ok Good 

Thank you for all.

how export data and translate ?