How to Create Round-Robin Competition (like regular season)

Go to the "Competitions" >> "Add New Competition".

Image 420

Fill competition name and set all data in the General metabox. 

Set "Competition Type" to "Round Robin".

Image 422

Then click on the Cog icon and assign clubs to the competition group.

Image 423

Click "Save" and you are ready to create matches.

So do I set up a new competition for each season

ie.. Spanish La Liga 2017-18

Spanish La Liga 2018-19

Spanish La Liga 2019-20

Or just one competition and then it goes with in? I'm a bit confused.



1 League: 

- Spanish La Liga

3 Seasons

- 2017-18; 

- 2018-19; 

- 2019-20

3 Competitions: 

- Spanish La Liga 2017-18; 

- Spanish La Liga 2018-19; 

- Spanish La Liga 2019-20;

Hello how can i update a new standing for the next season without deleting or modifying the finished season  e.g from  2019 to 2020


You have to create a new Standing Table for a new Season Competition.

And without changing the current link to the standings for seo better crawling

If I have 1 league and 1 season every year, how can I differentiate different age categories; Junior, senior, kids,...? 

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