How To Create Competition With Multiple Stages (v2)

Let's create a competition with a complex structure like a EURO 2020

>> Group Stage (24 teams in 6 groups) -- Multistage Main

>>>> Knockout phase (16 teams) -- Multistage Secondary

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Group Stage

Go to Competition >> Add new competition

In Multistage Setup select Multistage Main. The FIRST STAGE always must be the MAIN STAGE.

Then go to the Structure section and create groups with teams.

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Knockout phase

Go to Competition >> Add new competition.

In Multistage Setup select Multistage Secondary.

Set Stage Order and select Main Stage ID (which you have created in the previous step).

Then create rounds and populate them with ties and teams.

- Round of 16

- Quarter-finals

- Semi-finals

- Final

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thank you for your answer, yes i know but i did that i lost the competition, last fixtures results every think, i created a new one but i can't find it

yes i did, and when i use Multistage Secondary. i lose the competition 

You are doing something wrong.

You should convert your group stage into Multistage Main. The create a secondary stage.


Best Regards

Andrei S.

I read the documentation and I have a question.

In the stage Round of 16, you have added some teams manually

There is a rule that does it automatically?

1sr Group A vs 2dn Group B etc.

This is my use case.

As a user, I add the match statistics (goals, etc,) for all the games, and I want that the plugin calculates the Round of 16 automatically, because in one live tournament I want to see who is accessing in real-time.

May i ask how the multiplate stages will look like on the front-end? I've created an example for myself, but cant see how i can jump from one stage to another. Also the secondary stage i've created says 404 when i want to see it on the front-end.

Can I create the various phases of a cup and enter games without teams?

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