Send Game Report by email

Premium Version Only (since v0.12.7)

The plugin allows sending a Game report by email to team representatives.

Step 1 >> Activate and Setup Game Report Send option

Go to the "Settings & Tools" >> "FL+ Configurator" >> "Match Report" and set "Send Match Report by email" option to "Yes".

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Setup Admin Email to receive a copy of all letters on it.

Then enter email subject and report template using available placeholders.

List of Available Placeholders


%match_id% - Game ID
%competition_id% - Competition ID
%season_id% - Season ID
%league_id% - League ID
%matchweek% - MatchWeek
%home_id% - Home Club ID
%away_id% - Away Club ID
%kickoff% - Game Kickoff in MySQL format (2021-06-19 16:00:00)

Main Game Data

%home_club_title% - home team name
%away_club_title% - away team name
%competition_title% - competition name
%season_title% - season name
%league_title% - league name
%match_date% - game date localized (e.g.: June 19, 2021)
%match_time% - game time (16:00)

Game Stats



%ref_main_name% - name of the main referee
%ref_a1_name% - name of the 1st referee assistant
%ref_a2_name% - name of the 2nd referee assistant

%ref_4_name% - name of the 4th referee (since 0.14.3)

Stadium Data



%coach_home% - home team coach
%coach_away% - away team coach

Team lineups

%lineups_home% - List of home team players (see example below)

%lineups_away% - List of away team players (see example below)

E.g.: C. Williams, L. Russell, B. Goodwin, O. Douglas, V. Burgess, W. Hall, C. Fitzgerald (D. Cook 46'), V. Schmidt (G. Wade 64'), B. Mitchell (J. Mendez 58'), T. Banks (B. Sparks 83', V. Burgess 88'), C. Goodman

Special Data

%goals_text% - list of goal scores

E.g.: C. Goodman 15', O. Douglas 35' (own goal), V. Burgess 39' (own goal), B. Armstrong 51', F. Frank 60', T. Banks 67'

%cards_text% - list of players with cards

%cards_text_y% - list of players with yellow cards

%cards_text_yr% - list of players with 2nd yellow cards

%cards_text_r% - list of players with red cards

%comments_list% - a bulleted list of comment events

SINCE v0.12.8

%goals_text_player_club% - list of goal scores (player + club)
%cards_text_player_club% - list of players with cards (player + club)
%cards_text_y_player_club% - list of players with yellow cards (player + club)
%cards_text_yr_player_club% - list of players with 2nd yellow cards (player + club)
%cards_text_r_player_club% - list of players with red cards (player + club)

Step 2 >> Set team email recipients

Go to the team edit page. Find out "Match Report Recipients" metabox and set proper emails.

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Step 3 >> Send email

Click on "Send Report" button in the list of games.

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Very beautifull!!! Thank you!!!

How do i know that the report is send to my clubs. 

Except for the admin email. Is there anything I need to do to ensure that the report will be send. What format will go to clubs. is there a sample.