Custom Player Statistics (Match)

Premium Version Only - since v0.9.7

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Build Statistics Configuration

To create stats configuration go to the "Settings & Tools" >> "FL+ Statistics" >> "Match >> Player Statistics" section.

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Add columns from Available Column Types. Then populate column fields, set ordering and save settings.

Column Fields

Full Name - Full stats name, is visible in the tooltip

Short Name - Short stats name is used in the column title

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Player Group - affected group. Goalkeepers, field players or all.

Prefix, Postfix - (only for simple and calculated types)

Digits after decimal point

Visibility - visible or hidden on the frontend. Hidden may use in composed or calculated columns.

Column Types > Default

Used for default player statistic data: goals, assists, yellow cards, 2nd yellow / red cards, red cards, penalty goals, own goals, goals conceded and minutes played. 

You have to specify the "Default field" for this type.

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Column Types > Simple

Used for general countable data.

Column Types > Time

Used for time data. Required special format: "MM:SS"

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Column Types > Composed

Used to compose several simple data with the separator.

Column Types > Calculated

Special type. Produce calculation on selected columns.

Available calculations: sum, difference, ratio, ratio %.

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For example, "Successful passes %".

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Fill Stats on Match edit

After saving stats configuration, you can fill it at the match edit page. Only "simple" and "time" fields will be available to edit, other fields will be calculated automatically.

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Rendering Player statistics

To show custom match player statistics, add new block "Custom Player stats" to your match layout in the Layout Builder.

New rendering blocks, widgets, and shortcodes will be added in the nearest future.

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salve come posso aggiungere la statistica del miglior giocatore di una partita squadra per squadra e farne poi una classifica?

Is it also possible to export cumulated player statistics to the player's page? i.e. for the current season?

Yep, found that already - but I mean stats like "shots on target", "passes", "key passes" etc. for a certain season.