Import NFL data from "" (

Premium Version Only (since v0.12.6)

Image 7714  The plugin supports only NFL import and only the last three seasons (2021-22, 2022-23, 2023-24)

The plugin doesn't import odds. Vote for this feature here >> Odds Import - NFL Import

1. API Import Subscription Plan

Register at and select the subscription plan you want. 

The PRO plan is sufficient for the majority of users.

Image 7715

After registration, you are on a Free plan with 100/requests per day and some limitations per minute/hour. The free plan is suitable only for testing.

P.S.: I am not affiliated with this API. It is a third-party API used to import data into the Sports Leagues plugin.

2. API Import Setup

Install and activate required plugins:

Go to the "SL API Import" and click "Activate" under "API Sports - NFL" (see screenshot).

Image 7717

In the API Dashboard, go to the "Account" (1) >> "My Access" (2) and copy your API Key (3)

Image 7718

Paste it in Step 2 and select your Request URL.

Image 7720

Choose what data you want to import and click save.

Image 7721

If you plan to import Game Events or Statistics, click the fix button to update plugin settings.

Image 7722

3. API Leagues

If you are redirected to the API Leagues page, you are ready to import data from the API.

Image 7723

Click on the Database icon to create an import configuration.

Image 7724

Choose Run WIzard on the next step.

Image 7725

Then run "Start Import"

Image 7726

It will take some time. Do not close this window!

Image 7727

Click the Star icon on the active season to make it available in the Dashboard.  

Image 7728

Switch to the Dashboard.

Image 7729

4) Schedule data update

Select tournaments and click on the Schedule button to activate automatic data updates.

Image 7730

Image 7731

5) Live Data

If you plan to use LIVE data import, schedule it, and the plugin will make everything for you.

Image 7732

On every page with the game list, the plugin will load actual LIVE data (see the screenshot)

Image 7733

Sports League plugin will load a specially designed LIVE layout for a single game page.

You can change what Live data you want to fetch from API on the Settings page. 

Image 7735

6) Install Recommended theme

Although you can choose any theme for your website, I highly recommend using a free Kadence theme.

Go to the "Appearance" >> "Themes". Search for "Kadence" and click Install. Activate it.

Image 7739

You can optionally install Customizer settings for the Kadence theme from the demo site -

Of course, if you like it.

Image 7740

7) Check out your data

Go to Tournaments >> and click on "View"

Image 7736

Check the Tournament, Team, Game, and Player pages. 

Image 7738

8) What next

Create a Home page and Sidebars using the available plugin Gutenberg blocks.

Image 7742

The Calendar Slider would be a great addition to the home page.

Image 7741

Go to the SL+ Sports Settings and activate "Use default user's timezone". It is really a cool feature.

Image 7743

Go to the Customizer and setup your header and footer.

Image 7744

Follow the plugin changelog pages 

Core version changelog

Premium version changelog

Is this article helpful for you?

Hockey import ?

I am thinking about it.

What API data provider can you suggest?


Best Regards

Andrei S.

It is widgets, not API. You can use them right now without the plugin.


Best Regards

Andrei S.

Hello, I would like to know if it will be possible to import MLB, NHL, NBA soon. These are definitely the most followed sports and you can integrate them with


I plan to add the NBA soon. Maybe at the end of this month.

Baseball and hockey on currently have limited data compared to other APIs (no player, fewer stats, and no descriptive game events). Maybe later.


Best Regards

Andrei S.

NBA import is ready (v0.13.0)

- Tutorial -

- Demo -

P.S.: I have asked about MLB API. They are working on it.


Best Regards

Andrei S.

Hello Andrei,

Rugby import ?